About Whale’s Tree ESG Portfolio Analytics

giant sequoia

Our Story

What is Whale’s Tree?

Whale’s Tree ESG Portfolio Analytics is named for two of the largest and most important living things on the planet. The whale is the largest animal in the sea yet surprisingly sensitive to ecological stressors. The Giant Sequoia is the tallest tree on earth and native to California. New research shows many trees, including sequoias, are able to communicate with each other – a sort of mycorrhizal internet that allows forests to not only share information, but even resources.

Whale’s Tree ESG Portfolio Analytics takes inspiration from these incredible life forms by helping institutional investors better evaluate ESG funds including mutual funds, hedge funds, UCITS, private equity funds, and other alternative asset managers committed to building sound and outperforming ESG portfolios.

Our Background


Whale’s Tree brings more than a decade of experience researching and analyzing hedge funds and other alternative asset managers as well as experience constructing SRI portfolios for clients. Whale’s Tree was formed in 2021 to capitalize on this in-depth experience and sector expertise.

Creating fund of funds or other multi-manager ESG portfolios requires the ability to screen not only the managers themselves, but portfolio constituents for overlap, diversification, and commitment to the ESG ideals of the institution. 


giant sequoia